Our annual Maintenance Irrigation Options packages offer discounts for the following services:


  • Activate system and examine entire system zone by zone to ensure proper coverage
  • Program controller to city watering restrictions
  • Check rain sensor
  • Thoroughly inspect system and check for leaks
  • Clean and adjust clogged sprinkler heads
  • Identify any damage and repair or provide a written estimate


  • Reprogram controller for existing weather conditions at your request
  • Perform system walk through zone by zone
  • Detect possible leaks and evaluate zones; Adjust heads
  • Set rain sensor for maximum efficiency
  • Make recommendations for needed repairs


  • Inspect all safety valves in unit to ensure correct operation
  • Clean out reservoir
  • Check gasket and bonnet assembly
  • Provide state and village certification
  • Provide a written estimate for any needed repairs


  • Close and drain water inside
  • Evacuate water from irrigation lines to prevent freeze damage
  • Drain or remove backflow device
  • Identify any additions or repairs that will be needed in the Spring


We offer Spring core aeration and Fall core aeration.  Core aeration, the process of soil rotation, allows water and nutrients to penetrate the soil at a deeper level, and keeps your soil from compacting. Aeration provides a revitalization and recycling of the earth.

  • 100% Guarantee against damage to irrigation system when aerating or we fix it FREE!
  • FREE repair if system is damaged by us during aeration.
  • Repair systems damaged by other aeration contractors.
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