Repairs and Redesign

There is not an irrigation system in the State of Illinois that we can’t fix! With over 32 years in the underground sprinkler business, and over 25 years of experience for each technician we’ve seen it all – and we’ve fixed it all!

Our motto is “We Install the Best and Repair the Rest!”  We always try to repair your sprinkler system or backflow device BEFORE we recommend a costly replacement.  We also repair systems not installed by our company.   Some of the repairs we provide are listed below:


  • changes to existing landscape
  • adding a sports core/basketball hoop
  • moving/adding a patio or deck
  • adding or changing brick paver paths
  • changes to driveway
  • adding a new pool or garage


  • add/move new zones of irrigation
  • add/move drip line for new planting/beds
  • French drain or drainage re-distribution
  • repair or redesign athletic fields
  • repairs from poor grading
  • install enclosures, vaults or mock rocks


  • Booster Pump
  • Lake Pump (expert in this field)


If it is determined that repairs or replacement equipment is required for your system, you will be provided with a professionally prepared written estimate.  This process ensures accurate pricing and eliminates unexpected costs.


We have the best technicians in the State of Illinois.  Our technicians have an average of over 25 years of experience and seven of our technicians have over 32 years of experience.  There is not an irrigation repair that we can’t fix!  We handle hundreds of repairs every year and our technician will work with you to offer practical and creative solutions for your irrigation repairs.

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